Martha’s Legislative Accomplishments

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Martha needs your support to earn a second term and build upon her successful work as Delegate from the 91st District.

icon Economic Recovery

Martha believes small businesses and job growth are essential to the backbone of the 91st District economy. Building on her experience supporting small businesses during her career in banking, Martha’s primary goal for her next term will be to ensure small businesses and jobs come back stronger than ever.

Key achievements

icon Health Care

Martha wants to ensure that all Virginians have access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. During her first term, Martha protected individuals with pre-existing conditions and limited prices on prescription drugs. Martha is also passionate about improving access to healthcare for women, including high-quality reproductive care.

Key achievements

  • Expanding Virginia’s Covid-19 vaccination capacity
  • Co-patroning bills to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions and lower prescription drug prices
  • Making insulin more affordable, setting a cap at $50 for a 30-day supply
  • Restricting surprise out-of-network hospital and provider costs for constituents 
icon Education

Martha dedicated over a decade to local education as a member of the Hampton School Board. She improved funding for public education, including for preschool and in-state higher education. As a member of the Committee on Education in Richmond, Martha worked hard during her first term to be an advocate for teachers and students. In her second term, Martha will continue to push for increased educator pay and high quality instruction for all students. 

Key achievements

icon Environment

The 91st District’s position on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay puts it in a critical spot. Martha believes in investing in coastal resilience programs to strengthen the shoreline throughout the 91st District. Martha sees investing in renewable energy like offshore wind as an opportunity to create jobs and make Virginia (and the 91st District) a hub for energy on the East coast.

Key achievements

icon Equal Rights

Martha believes in the rights of all Virginians regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. During her first term, Martha is proud to have helped pass a number of bills ensuring equal rights. If elected to a second term, Martha will continue to fight for equality.

Key achievements

  • Ratifying of the Equal Rights Amendment 
  • Prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation HB 1663 
  • Repealing restriction on same sex marriage in Virginia
  • Expanding the Virginia Human Rights Act to include those with disabilities
icon Local Issues

Martha has spent her whole life on the Peninsula in the 91st District, and is passionate about local issues including the preservation of historic sites, coastal resilience, flooding mitigation, and living with water.

Key achievements: 

  • Passing Student Driver Safety legislation with bipartisan support
  • Ft. Monroe Chamberlain deed reversion & other legislation in support of Ft. Monroe
  • Budget amendment on local taxation impacts
  • Study bill for York County
  • Funeral service licensee PPE legislation on behalf of local resident
  • Zoning legislation for Hampton City

Boards and Commissions 

  • Go Virginia Board
  • Fort Monroe Authority Board of Trustees 
  • Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee, focusing on conservation, restoration, and environmental education
  • Virginia Commission on Coal and Energy
  • Southern States Energy Board