Martha Mugler

Delegate Representing
Virginia’s 91st District

Every Contribution Counts

During her first campaign, Martha promised to focus on increasing funding for public education, safeguarding the environment, and improving access to healthcare. Martha delivered on her promises to the people of the District, becoming one of the most active delegates in the House during her first term. 

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Who is Martha?

Martha is a lifelong resident of the Chesapeake Bay region and has a long history of public service. First elected to the House of Delegates in 2019, Martha is eager to continue representing the needs of the District in Richmond.

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Key Issues

iconEconomic Recovery & Jobs

Good jobs and a strong economy are Martha’s top priorities going into her second term. Martha draws on her professional background in banking to support workers, protect jobs, and help small businesses thrive.

icon Public Education

A member of the Hampton School Board for 12 years, Martha is passionable about ensuring that all students in the 91st District have access to affordable, high-quality public education. 

icon Affordable Health Care

Martha will fight for access to affordable health care both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Martha is committed to expanding COVID-19 vaccination capacity, increasing access to high-quality care, lowering drug costs, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions

icon Environmental Protection

The 91st District’s location on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay puts it in a vulnerable position. Martha will work to safeguard coastal areas while investing in green energy and creating renewable jobs.